Executive Summary

Innovation has a critical role to play in India's socio-economic processes and development In this regard we have created a platform called Innovate India Center of Excellence. This facilitates entrepreneurial knowledge creation and dissemination through research, teaching, and practice in the area of entrepreneurship. It propels regional growth by developing entrepreneurial talent in individuals who create value by starting businesses or contributing to the success of existing technology-driven businesses. The Center provides experiential learning and guidance activities that enhance classroom instruction in entrepreneurship and innovation, offers linkages between the regional entrepreneurial community and the university, and acts as a hub for cross-campus initiatives that fosters the growth of entrepreneurial research and commercially viable enterprises.
We are looking for like-minded companies which want to propel innovations in India by giving their valuable advice or show case the problems to students to do out of box thinking. This is an initiative by techno entrepreneurs who truly believe India should be a center for innovations else we cannot improve the lives of our people.

In this regard we request your organization to be a part of this platform.


How Does It Work

We showcase seminars on today's technological advances and how it can be implemented in some real life scenarios of their usage.
Every professional college student needs to do a project. We suggest that they do an innovation project which helps them in academics also.
We encourage students to choose an area of interest, such as Cloud Computing, Mobile Technology, Web Development, Software for Manufacturing, Embedded Systems, Robotics, Project Management, Infrastructure, Environmental Development, Electronics, Communication, Testing of Hardware or Software components etc.
Once a student selects a core area, if he needs any training, authorized training partners will impart training
Student defines ideas once he understands the technology so he does not come with a grandiose idea which might not be practical at this stage.
Student ideas are showcased to Industry steering committee (SC), which suggests any improvements and also suggest if it is a commercial viable project or not.
Steering committee members have an option of adopting the project if they like it or provide them guidance on as needed basis. Day to day guidance if required will be provided by Innovate India folks.
Once an idea is prototyped and implemented, it will be showcased to various organizations such as MSME, TDB (Technology Development Board), Private institutions which are ready to take products to next stage. This option comes only when the steering committee members are not ready to fund or take it to the next stage.
Once an idea is funded and implemented the commercial agreements between educational and funding institutions, Student, IICE will be created.How Does It Benefit the Student Community

  • Provides more structured career path for them in a particular platform
  • Helps them participate in innovative concepts
  • Guides them to become better entrepreneurs.
  • Helps them in being a more complete professional
  • lower operating costs
  • Insight into the business world
  • Interaction with other entrepreneurs and more
  • Will help you get your idea out of the box and into the world, where it can continue to grow, improving lives and inspiring others.
  • Get trained and are prepared for recruitment.