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Our Vision

  • The Government of India has recognized that the need of the hour which is enhancing employability to the individual through skill development initiatives. The emphasis is on short-term, skills-specific training to crater to the huge manpower requirements of the nation, across various key sectors. With a target to train 500 million people by 2022 in 21 key sectors, the Government of India has paved the way for providing global manpower. ADS Skills is a partner to the Government in these initiatives. Across various sectors, in conjunction with the industry, ADS Skills has created several programs aimed at empowering the individual and provide employment. These programs use cutting edge technology, defined pedagogy, industry sanction and impart the latest skill techniques appropriate to the respective industry.

Our Mission

  • ADS Skills has in a short span of time, emerged as a preferred choice among companies and government bodies, looking at imparting specific skill sets to people across various trades. Home, an organization or a nation centers around people power for growth. Empowering an individual is empowering a nation. The human element is the only asset that can appreciate or depreciate within any social structure. India from being a conservative closed-door economy has opened its doors, paving the way for humongous growth and prosperity. For this growth momentum to sustain and improve denizens of the nation must lead the way. Employment opportunities abound as does the challenge of employability. ADS Skills has recognized the need for short term skills programs in various sectors and the types of infrastructure and pedagogy that goes with it. It endeavors to create dedicated infrastructure where required and improve upon conventional infrastructure where desired.


  • ¬†ADS Skills is a premier skill development company, envisioned to create a new paradigm in the Indian education and training industry. Over the years the company has been ardently involved in delivering various skills development programs, which has bridged the gap between employability and employment and have enabled millions of young people find suitable employment and excel at their work places. ADS Skills offers an entire gamut of soft and hard skill courses across various sectors, through both entry and advanced level programs. The entry-level courses aim to impart employable skills, while the advanced-level courses enable an existing workforce acquire skills for vertical and horizontal mobility, through a range of up-skilling and cross-skilling programs.

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